What is the web design and how many types of web design

With a landing page, you don’t need a complete domain URL for it like other types of websites. Some of the most common landing page builders areUnbounce,Mailchimp,Wix,Kartra, andMoosend. The most popular blog CMS isWordPress, with two options (WordPress.com and WordPress.org).

Different Types of Website Design

To help you draft the perfect marketing plan to attract more customers. Just the way we indulge in dressing ourselves with stylish outfits, websites need styling too. The big takeaway here is that choosing the right one is vital because no matter the type of site, everything within your site sits on a structure as a base. The example below combines headline + thumbnail gallery layout, and featured image layout, plus a solid F-shaped layout, to keep the glamour of the magazine up to par. Design the layout/search for a layout so that it molds onto the message you have to transmit.

It’s no secret that consumer preferences are shifting away from brick-and-mortar shops to online stores. Whether you are starting a new business or revamping an old brand, you can’t deny that your website is a necessity. The below image represents a service tree we like to use when onboarding clients.

Website Layouts Users Won’t Forget (UPDATE

The portfolio site of Creative Director Olivier Gillaizeau features an eye-catching vertical sidebar menu that displays his projects on a timeline. When you hover over one of the nav items, a video preview of the project shows. Clicking the nav item will take you to a page with more information about and visuals of the project.

There can be internal linking but the website hierarchy structure takes advantage of a very simple top-down approach. There are many different types of websites, and with so many options, choosing the right one may be a bit tricky. However, now that you understand what different types of websites you can build, especially for your business, you have a clearer line of thought about which direction to head. The internet has made it easy to find everything, including jobs.

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However, a website target audience with a more serious or formal interest might find animations unnecessary and distracting if only for entertainment or decoration purposes. This doesn’t mean that more serious content couldn’t be enhanced with animated or video presentations that is relevant to the content. In either case, motion graphic design may make the difference between more effective visuals or distracting visuals.

Different Types of Website Design

Negative space drives the attention towards elements outweighing the rest through visual force concentrated on them. You pay attention to details, using some additional seconds to grow the engagement exponentially. You can easily solve this problem by displaying typography based on the device resolution. You may, however, wish to go through an existing crowdfunding platform such as JustGiving or GoFundMe, as these are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority . Your page may benefit from extra marketing through the main platform’s internal promotions.

eCommerce websites

If the plug-in doesn’t come pre-installed with most browsers, there’s a risk that the user will have neither the know-how nor the patience to install a plug-in just to access the content. There’s also a risk that advanced interactivity may be incompatible with older browsers or hardware configurations. Publishing a function that doesn’t work reliably is potentially worse for the user experience than making no attempt.

  • Web designers normally oversee all the websites that are made on how they work or operate on things.
  • When you create an educational website, make sure you categorise what kind of subject or field you would be providing materials or instruction for.
  • Product pages give you the opportunity to encourage people to buy the product with enticing descriptions, photos, and even videos.
  • A small business website provides an online presence so people can learn about a company, its employees, products, services, and culture.
  • Next, decide if you’ll be selling services through your site or using it as a central place for your online presence.

This allows the CTA to be the main focus (sign-up, purchase, etc). For effective lead generation, a landing page shouldn’t be ignored. The most common way to design a web portal is to use portal software that integrates with your website. Some of these include the popular softwareAzure Portal,LiveAgent,Zoho Creator,Confluence, andSamepage. Forum websites come in all shapes and sizes – they’re a space of social interaction and information sharing.

Step 9: Add Interactive Experiences

With so many types of web design available, it’s challenging to know which type is best for your business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with building the best website, website design WebFX can help you create a beautiful web design for your business. We’ve designed over 1,128 websites and won dozens of awards for our website design.

In November 1993 ALIWEB was the first ever search engine to be created . The last item we’ll cover on our list of types of web design is a single-page layout. As the name implies, single-page layouts use only one page that users scroll down to find information about your products or services. With this design layout, you can have a “navigation menu” with links to specific points of your page.

Different Types of Website Design

Must know how to run usability studies, prototype and write production-ready HTML and CSS4” are pretty unrealistic for most designers. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who finds that unicorn, remember that doing a needs assessment before searching for a designer could benefit your entire team in the long run. But back in reality, where budget rules, and time is limited, how do you know which type of designer is most beneficial to your need? While most designers instinctively have a speciality, despite their title, most are capable and willing to take on other roles. Some educational websites will have advertisements like entertainment and media websites do. Some offer subscription models or educational products for purchase.

Blogs are the latest trend that the major brands and business have started to follow. It is much more of personal content when compared to magazine websites, but not the lines are blurred. These kinds of websites are mostly suggested for more prominent brands as they have a wide array of the topic.


The image below gives an example of a simple linear-style site structure. For instance, if you need a tutor, assistant, or gardener, you can check out one of the various job boards available and search for what you need. If you were to start a job board, whether locally, nationally, or internationally, you’ll make money as the middleman and may even sell banner space. The nature of the organization determines what a directory website will look like.

The examples we shared above in the different types of websites are a mixture of CMS and website builders. These are the most common choice for individuals and organizations as they handle site development. They are usually run by a subscription model, where you’ll pay monthly or annually to be part of the platform. If you want to handle the web design of the educational website yourself, you could create your own website with the top CMS sites we’ve shared earlier in the article. The most common route to take is to use one of the educational website hosting platforms. These websites are created to showcase the work of individuals and organizations.

Web design

To know when this is appropriate, ask your audience whether they primarily come to your website to learn about something, or to take an specific action. In the example below from Howard University, visitors are clearly coming with an action in mind. They aren’t visiting to read the “about” page — they’re coming to apply, visit, or donate. Arguably the most clear-cut option for websites is object-based navigation.

Need help figuring out which type of web design is best for you?

Wix is very similar to Squarespace in its features and the way you create and customize your website pages. Website templates to find one that suits you and start customizing. With a host of built-in tools such as SEO manager, Marketing Popups, Announcement Bar and much more, you don’t need any extra plugins to start growing your traffic and converting more leads. Squarespace also hooks up to certain website tools like Google Analytics and allows you to input necessary SEO information to rank in search results.

If you’re a local bar, your site might include photos of your business and focus on dark colors to give off smoky bar vibes. If you’re a small pet grooming business, your design will likely be brighter and full of pet photos. Because user experience is critical to your site driving and engaging traffic, liquid layouts have also started to phase out as a viable option for businesses. While you can still use https://globalcloudteam.com/ this layout, you risk delivering a poor user experience from your site stretching too far or squishing information together on the page. Users can choose from thousands of pre-designed, fully responsive website templates, or create their own site using Elementor’s Hello theme. Lightweight and minimalistic, Hello is the theme of choice for web designers looking to create a complete website, from scratch.

The layout will have the role to let the message shine and be so convincing for the users, that they cannot but accept it. When applying modular layouts to websites, the effect is a streamlined look and a highly coherent composition of items in a webpage. In a more and more visually-focused online world, this layout may work wonders. It is made up of image miniatures leading to full descriptions of those topics, and headlines (+ short presentations) that serve as a guide through the image album. As it is intricately connected to some common web surfer behavior, the zig-zag layout is applicable to a wide range of websites, in different activity areas.

We explain what each category is used for and the key features to include, plus an overview of some design advice and an example to help you get started. WebFXs proprietary digital marketing platform makes it easier than ever to track digital marketing performance, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions. With a dynamic website vs. static website, you build a database of information and features. Then, when a user requests a page, the web coding automatically works to put the components together from your database to form the webpage. This website can create advertisements which would attract different business and professionals who would want their contact details in the directory page. Always make sure to optimise your page which would ensure more visitors.


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