The difference between Fellowships and Assistantships?

Comprehends not merely the instruction received at school or college, but the whole course of training, moral, intellectual and physical. Education may be particularly directed to either the mental, moral or physical power and faculties, but in its broadest and best sense it relates to them all. If the purpose is the pursuit of higher education, then it will be exempt irrespective of the value of the scholarship. It is also not required that the recipient should prove that the amount of scholarship is utilised for the purpose for which it was given. It is also not necessary to spend the entire amount of scholarship receipt. A scholarship under section 10 cannot be equated with merit scholarship.

A stipend is nothing but a payment made to a trainee or a person – who is a learner – for living expenses. This ‘stipend’ amount is a pre-determined sum paid by the employer to aid offset expenses. Usually, stipends are paid to that category of people who are not eligible to get a regular amount as salary in the interest of the services or duties they offer, such as interns.

  • As long as the worth is beneath $600 per year, the nonprofit group just isn’t required to issue an IRS Form 1099-MISC. The earnings should still be required to be reported by the taxpayer on their tax return.
  • However, finding the right opportunity, that too a paid one, can at times be a trouble.
  • If not, this would be then generally taxed under the ‘Income received from other sources’ section.

In this case, the assessee received some amount from Jewish Hospital, Brooklyn, U.S.A which he declared as exempt income under section 10 of the Act. The word ‘education’ may be used to describe any form of training, any manner by which physical or mental aptitude, which a man may desire to have for the purpose of his work, may be acquired. In 2020, Goldman Sachs hired 740 summer interns in India across several divisions while Wipro hired 100. They offer with the intention to weed out the best talent fits, which eventually leads to a higher conversion rate. In industries like banking, IT and Tech, FMCG and online e-commerce, fresher minds from business schools are required.

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However, the difference in stipend being offered by these institutes to the interns has once again raised objections. A stipend received for meeting the cost of education is also treated as a scholarship within the meaning of Section 10 of the Income Tax Act. The scholarships are generally meant for meeting the cost of current education but sometimes it is awarded as an incentive to achievement in academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

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Such work by the doctor is similar in nature to that of a full-time employee. The doctor is gaining experience from such work and performing duties like regular doctors – in such cases your Stipend may be taxed. Salary received from the employer is taxable under the head income from salary as per the Income Tax Act. The employer deducts TDS on the amount of such salary paid if the total income of the person receiving a salary is more then the basic exemption limit. Stipends are not wages, so employers will not withhold income tax on any stipends made to you.

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The Universities, Colleges, Schools offer scholarship to meritorious students on the basis of their last performance. Some NGOs also award scholarships to needy and poor students to pursue their studies. The Central/State Government also award different types of scholarships on the basis of past achievements, financial status with quota for reserved, backward & the disabled.

Training | The cost you have to incur to train for a particular job may not be part of the stipend, and would be borne by the company. For example, an IT intern has to undergo training in a coding program and the same is paid for by the company. You can not claim any other expenses as a deduction from your stipend income. If your employer has already deducted TDS and issued Form 16 then the stipend will be taxed under the head ‘Income from Salary’. The average PhD student salaries in UK for teaching assistantships will vary depending on the level of responsibility you’re taking.

Fellowships are most respected term for students who are pursuing their foreign degree. Its exact meaning can vary depending upon its scope, the offerings and the specifications required. In general fellowships are given through monetary benefits popularly known as ‘scholarships’ at graduate or post graduate entry level. Here the already graduate or pursuing students receive extra training in respective field with funds to continue the research, which they get through stipends.

This may or may not be similar to the employment letter offered to a full-time employee. However, if this payment is made for you to gather experience and perform services similar to an employee, such Stipend income shall be taxable. The MBA or engineering interns are paid the stipend for performing work similar to work performed by regular employees in this field. Hence, the stipend income earned by these individuals will normally be subject to tax as it is provided for the experience as full-time employees. The Department of Labor has outlined the rules surrounding how stipends can be used by organizations and companies.

what is stipend

Internship in a hospital for the specified period was compulsory and the assessee was paid wages representing overtime charges and that Federal and State Taxes were deducted from it. It was in this context, the High Court on a reference held that the amount paid to the assessee was not scholarship within the meaning of Section 10 of the Act. In case an Indian student goes abroad and before leaving the country he/she stays in India for 182 days or more then he will be considered as resident in India and in this case, his global income will be taxable in India. Therefore, any scholarship or stipend received abroad from any foreign university or institution or any stipend received from any foreign company, etc. will be subject to tax in India as well. Hence, for the purpose of section 10, if the stipend is granted to meet the cost of education then it comes within the meaning of scholarship.

In this case, the stipend or scholarship received in a foreign country from a foreign university/institution/company etc. will not be liable to tax in India. Since in case of non-resident only income from Indian sources is taxed in India. However, if the scholarship or stipend is received in the foreign country in the course of pursuing education or to meet the cost of education the same will be exempt in India u/s 10.

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The season saw participation from 132 recruiters, including 64 new recruiters, who offered internships to 559 students. Sales and marketing, consulting and finance accounted for 73% of the offers made. A salary is compensation you receive for the work you do for an organization, and it is given monthly and calculated yearly. A stipend, on the other hand, is not the compensation for work but rather monetary support provided by the company to help an individual with expenses incurred for living, food, and travel.

They are renewed periodically if the progress of the student is found satisfactory. Stipend/ Fellowship granted to a student may be reduced or completely withdrawn if the academic progress, attendance in class, or character and conduct of the student are not found satisfactory. Details of the rules pertaining to this are available in the appropriate Students’ Brochure. Students leaving in the middle of a course have to refund the stipend/contingency grant received, if any.

Examples of stipends are payments that can be used for residing and incidental expenses similar to room and board, travel, non-required books and personal computer systems, and so forth. The granting department is liable for correctly determining the amount, which ought to be categorised as a stipend, however such determination is at all times subject to review and reclassification by the Tax Department. Reclassification of interns as employees can also happen if the stipend paid is considered to be more than nominal. “Stipend” is defined as a “fixed common sum paid as a salary or allowance.” This definition is a better fit for the travel healthcare business. Using the term stipend helps avoid confusion with the healthcare business’s use of per diem as meaning daily or on-name staffing. A stipend is a payment made to a trainee or learner for living expenses, unlike a salary or wages which are paid to an employee.

Salary is for literary or professional work, wages for handicraft or other comparatively inferior service; a salary is thought to be extra permanent than wages; an editor receives a salary, a compositor receives wages. A fee is given for a single service or privilege, and is sometimes within the nature of a gratuity. These arrangements are often funded by Medicaid but may also be funded by another public program or privately. The threshold issue in these types of shared dwelling preparations is whether or not the patron is the only real employer or whether there also is a third party that is a joint employer. As defined in Section 1, figuring out whether or not an employment relationship exists requires assessing the financial realities of the relationships between the supplier and the consumer as well as the provider and any third get together. They cover typical residing expenses corresponding to lodging and meals and incidentals.

To keep out of authorized trouble, stipends must be priced appropriately and not used as a substitute for salary. The agency provides you a pay package that features a taxable base rate of $20 per hour plus a monthly lodging stipend of $3000, among different compensation variables. First, by avoiding the extra taxes you’d pay on the upper taxable wage. Second, if you can find housing for less than the cost of the company supplied housing. A stipend is a predetermined amount of money that’s paid to trainees, interns, and students to help offset expenses.

what is stipend

This stipend is somewhat higher than the living wage, given by private or public institution. Students that are studying abroad can devotedly complete their research or internship without investing time in working outside to arrange for additional money for educational support. In case the scholarship is not granted to meet the cost of education then the same is not exempt from income tax u/s 10 and tax may be required to be deducted therefrom based on the facts and circumstances of the case. Students pursuing CA course and PhD students may receive stipends, research fellowships and grants which are clearly intended for supporting the educational journey, which becomes exempt. However, MBA graduates who involve in internships at various companies to gain experience, perform all the services similar to that of an employee. The expression ‘cost of education’ is very wide and is not restricted to the tuition fees only.

While it mentions that colleges should pay a stipend, no mention of the amount has been made. While our fellow students in GMCs are paid a stipend, our institute has clarified that no stipend will be paid, which is unfair,” said a student of a Jalgaon-based private medical college. He added that at their orientation to the internship programme, the college said that stipend will not be paid.

However, your employer will not withhold any earnings taxes from the stipend. So, you should put aside a number of the cash to pay the taxes you owe at the end of the year. All stipends are paid via Accounts Payable aside from certain athletic living stipends, which are paid through Student Account Services. A stipend is nothing but a cost made to a trainee what is stipend or a person – who’s a learner – for living bills. This ‘stipend’ amount is a pre-determined sum paid by the employer to assist offset bills. If you can keep your head above water with your stipend however don’t have any kind of cash financial savings for emergencies or quick-term bills, saving those funds must be your objective, not investing .

Q – What is the tax treatment of salary and stipend?

Thus, the amount of scholarship received by the assessee’s son as scholarship is exempt u/s 10. Before the High Court, the DR submitted that the amount is taxable as perquisite u/s 17. It was submitted that by giving a scholarship to the son of the assessee the company in a way reimbursed the amount of expenses which would have been incurred by the assessee. The assessee has, thus, been the ultimate beneficiary and has been benefited by the employer company. He claimed that the grant-in-aid received by him from the Princeton Institute was to be excluded from his taxable income under s.

Stipends reported to you on a Form 1042-S with revenue code sixteen in field 1 are taxable scholarships. Federal tax withheld from box 7 must be reported on Form 1040-NR line 62d. Under some of these shared living preparations, the provider is compensated both partially or fully by being able to live rent-free within the client’s residence.


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