Technical Analysis 101: The Best Technical Indicators for Crypto and Stocks Alexandria

This is one of the most classic cryptocurrency indicator pairings that is being used. It is the starting point for many traders, before adding more tools for analysis from our 7 best indicators for crypto. An oscillator indicator, also known as a momentum indicator, is a leading indicator type that aims to identify a possible trend in terms of the speed of the price movement that is yet to start. These indicators move or oscillate between two limits to gauge the trend’s strength and momentum. In short, oscillator indicators typically direct traders to understand when a market is overbought or oversold. We further differentiate between simple moving averages and exponential moving averages.

When the market experiences high volatility due to a fast up and down price swing, traders can use them to study the right moment to buy or sell despite the fluctuating market condition. Above, the Bollinger bands are the two lines shown above and below both the candlestick patterns and the moving average on the trading chart. Every time the Bollinger bands contract towards the moving average, the volatility of the asset being charted decreases.

The BB settings generally follow the 20-day set of periods for the lower and upper bands to two standard deviations. An asset is considered to be oversold when it moves below the 30-range area. If the value goes above 70, the chart enters the overbought region.

  • With the right approach and mindset, however, cryptocurrency investment can be a highly profitable venture that can help you build long-term wealth in this exciting new market.
  • The Ichimoku Cloud is a collection of technical indicators that show support and resistance levels, as well as momentum and trend direction.
  • Once you identify these levels, you can use them to form your market price predictions.

This indicator also helps you measure the price movement of assets. The band is typically measured using a 20-day simple moving average by adding and subtracting a standard deviation from the moving average. Once the market price is above the upper Bollinger band, it indicates overbought, and if it is below the lower band, it is taken to be oversold.

Traders prefer candlestick charts because they show more information about price movement. Each candlestick represents the activity around the timeframe what is intraday trading (day trading) you choose for trade analysis. So, if you’re working within a four-hour timeframe, each candlestick will represent the price movement every four hours.


Crossover 1 i.e. when MACD turns up from below 0, cutting the Signal Line, there exists a strong bullish sentiment. Both the Aroon Lines move parallel to each other indicating the price consolidation of Bitcoin in the given timeframe. Negative directional indicator or -DI — when the downtrend is taking place. This reflects uncertainty in the market as the ultimate breakdown happens with prices falling drastically. This assumption is born out of the belief that every factor related to the stock/coin has been considered and is reflected in its price.

It shows how the A/D Line supports the bullish sentiment and the recent surge in the stock’s price follows the template. The A/D line indicator is one of the best ways to confirm an existing trend while also keeping an eye out for extreme buying/selling pressure. Using it in line with other technical aspects will enable you to be a better trader. Now, after learning what the strategy is, we are going to learn about the tools required to make the strategy work. The most prominent tool for a TA-based trader is Trading Indicators.

Thus, if you set up a moving average indicator, you can modify the number of periods you want to consider. In this context, a period represents a unit of time-based on the chart’s observed timeframe. A volatility indicator can measure the rate of price movement irrespective of the direction it takes.

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When the RSI stands at 30, an asset is deemed to be oversold, whereas a value of 70 would indicate that it’s overbought. If an asset is oversold according to the RSI, that means that it is trading at the upper third of its price range. Overall, RSI measures how strong up and down movements are and is a pretty clear indicator. However, there is no guarantee that assets will actually bounce once RSI hits 30 or 70.

The 200-Day (simple) Moving Average (SMA)

When both prices and the A/D line move upward, the bullish sentiment is likely to continue. An increasing OBV means more buyers are willing to purchase the asset at the trading price. You may also check our guide on fundamental analysis vs technical analysis to understand the difference between the two. To get the best of your strategy, you must develop ideas and best practices based on your research to make an informed decision.

The central idea behind Bollinger bands is to highlight how crypto prices are dispersed across an average value. BB is defined by a set of trendlines directed toward two standard deviations as prices move away from a simple moving average . The two bands can be used to determine the support and resistance levels. The SMA is the trader’s favourite in visual analysis, so to speak, while the EMA is more commonly used in automated trading systems. Ichimoku cloud, also called Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, is quite a visual indicator efficient for crypto trading.

What happens after Bitcoin reaches 21 million?

Bitcoin mining fees will disappear when the Bitcoin supply reaches 21 million. Miners will likely earn income only from transaction processing fees, rather than a combination of block rewards and transaction fees.

The closer the price is to the upper Band in general, the more overbought the price; the closer to the lower Band, we are in an oversold market. The shorter the timeframe, the faster the Moving Averages are reacting to the price changes in the market. With a shorter period, like the average price of 20 days, you can spot changes in trends faster, but it is also more likely that you get a false alarm because of a bit of breakout. It is mainly used to spot up- and downtrends and also identify support and resistance areas. One of the main benefits of investing in cryptocurrency is that the market is still relatively new, making it easier for investors to get in early and make large profits. Many investors are attracted to cryptocurrencies because they can provide high returns with relatively little risk when compared to traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

Using a complicated formula, it can measure the movement in a price change and the speed and magnitude of change in price by evaluating the oversold and overbought conditions. Now that we’ve covered what trading indicators are, let’s highlight some of the best indicators for crypto trading. The purpose of this indicator is to provide an easy-to-read binary dashboard of evolve markets forex broker review where the current price is relative to key dynamic supports and resistances. The concept is simple, if a dynamic s/r is currently acting as a resistance, the indicator plots a dot above the histogram in the red box. If a dynamic s/r is acting as support, a dot is plotted in the green… This indicator colors the candles according to the z-score of the trading volume.

Technical Analysis 101: The Best Technical Indicators for Crypto and Stocks

This is a psychological assumption deeply engraved in the ABCs of technical analysis. Market participants often react similarly when the price moves in a certain direction. Emotion beats logic as several bearish trends have seen a lot of selling and similarly during bull runs, participants FOMO themselves into buying stocks/coins at nearly their all-time highs. The MACD indicator is a simple tool that can provide a strong trading signal. The convergence refers to the two sliding moving averages that move towards each other, while the divergence is when the two underlying moving averages separate from each other.

What causes crypto to go up?

In the current societal and economic climate there is a growing incentive to hold less cash and be hedged against intense market swings. Recently, a trend started where publicly traded companies were beginning to convert cash in their treasuries over to Bitcoin as a more sound store-of-value.

While the former makes the ADX line too volatile, the latter is time-intensive, thereby making it unreliable to use while placing trades. Conversely, if the A/D line moves upward while prices fall, it suggests a spike in the buying pressure as more market participants continue to accumulate the asset. If both metrics are facing a downtrend, bearish sentiment around the asset is likely to prevail.

Weighted Moving Average (WMA)

In some cases, such as during sustained trends, the indicator relaxes in the overbought or oversold territory for long periods. Every time the bands move further away from the moving average line, the asset’s volatility is said to be increasing. It is important to note that Bollinger bands are typically only charted using the exponential moving average . An exponential moving average is a type of moving average that places a greater weight and significance on the most recent data points. The exponential moving average is also referred to as the exponentially weighted moving average . An exponentially weighted moving average reacts more significantly to recent price changes than a simple moving average…

Can Bitcoin ever be destroyed?

Can Bitcoin get shut down / turned off? Just as Bitcoin has never been successfully 51% attacked, it has also never been shut down, even for a short amount of time.

One of the most important indicators for cryptocurrency trading is price action. Price action provides traders with information about where a particular cryptocurrency might be heading next based on historical trends and current market movements. There are also several other key indicators that you can use when trading cryptocurrencies, including volume, volatility, sentiment, momentum, and more. It is essential to thoroughly research these indicators and understand how they can be used to help predict future price movements so that you can make more informed trading decisions.

How to take profits on the way up or sell the top?

This means the asset is likely to break down and face a bearish reversal . This is often found near the all-time highs as traders sell to book profits. But then, you should know that indicators alone do not make trading signals. It would help if you defined what method to use based on the functionality of a particular indicator to signal a trade.

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Therefore, when the price of a particular cryptocurrency is above the moving average, what you are expected to do as a trader is to look out for opportunities to “buy” the cryptocurrency. On the contrary, when the price is below the moving average line, you lookout for opportunities to “sell”. Additionally, it should be noted that the Ichimoku Cloud is a valuable indicator for day traders, especially using the edge-to-edge cloud setup. However, using the Ichimoku Cloud in tandem with other indicators is recommended to confirm trends and minimise risks of crypto trading. For example, traders often use the 20-period, 50-period, and 200-period timeframes. With this set of timeframes, traders can identify the general direction of the crypto asset based on the chosen data set over time.

Moving Average Convergence-Divergence Indicator (MACD)

In essence, the SSMA narrows down the trend analysis, giving a clearer perspective to define support and resistance areas. The MA, as a lagging indicator, is a popular tool used in the Bitcoin and crypto market. Its primary purpose is to show the average price of a specified number of recent candles. Or in other words, it smooths price action over a given amount of time. For as long as trading has existed, trading indicators have been developed to serve as a useful tool that helps traders make informed predictions on their positions. And this development has continued alongside the growth of crypto.

crypto indicators

With proper implementation, the 7 best indicators for crypto trading described above would form a complete set of tools for successful cryptocurrency trading experience. As already explained, cryptocurrency indicators do not work in isolation. Also, bundling up too many indicators on a given chart might lead to overanalysis and eventual confusion.

If you’re interested in trading cryptocurrencies, it’s important to learn how to use Bollinger Bands so that you can maximize your profits and minimize your risks. While the 50-period SMA is certainly one of the most basic indicators for cryptocurrency trading, it is also one of the most effective and widely used. If you are just getting started with crypto trading, this may be one of the first indicators you should learn to use. The 200-period SMA is undoubtedly the most important trend indicator, which helps to look for signs of long-term downtrends.

The Best Technical Indicators for Crypto Assets and Stocks

The green and red candlesticks show the trend pattern and direction of the price. This information can be tracked through dedicated online news outlets, social media platforms like Twitter, and other sources. The indicators of market reversals – Bollinger Bands can also be used to predict market reversals. When prices reach the upper band, it may indicate that a reversal is imminent, while a drop in prices to the lower band may indicate that the current trend will soon come to an end. Trading with all these indicators will help you interpret the markets better and help your decision making process. That is why the GoodCrypto software remains the suitable platform for traders that want to make the most out of their opportunities.

In the Bitcoin chart below, notice how thechange in the slope would give traders an earlier trade signal than a MACD Signal Line crossover . MACD Signal Line crossovers are typically used to identify either bullish or bearish crypto momentum. Moses is an experienced freelance writer and analyst with a keen interest in how technology is disrupting the financial sector.

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