Top 5 Examples of Conversational User Interfaces

What is chatbot UI?

If a chatbot is a rules-driven bot, then it is programmed only to follow a predefined workflow. For instance, a survey chatbot will provide a pre-decided set of answers for users to pick from but may not be able to answer any questions the user may have. For the uninitiated, CUI is an interface design focused around “chatting” with either real humans or bots.

He spent the past 10 years working for tech startups in various roles, but his strengths are in operations and GTM. Marc is an avid learner who’s always trying to learn more and improve. Conversational bot template for marketing agencies to showcase their work and capture potential clients. Conversational interfaces have become one of the echoing buzzwords of the marketing world.

Why Use Conversational UI in Business?

Rule-based chatbots are widely popular across industries as they don’t require any coding or technical expertise. Conversations on a rule-based chatbot are used for generating leads and offering generic support questions which have only a handful of solutions that are already mapped out. Chatbot UI designers are in high demand as companies compete to create the best user experience for their customers. The stakes are high because implementing good conversational marketing can be the difference between acquiring and losing a customer. On average, $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return—and UI is where UX starts.

conversation interface

This can include anything from the text on a screen to the buttons and menus that are used to control a chatbot. The chatbot UI is what allows users to send messages and tell it what they want it to do. We connect strategy, design and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to build solutions with the right focus on impact, scalability, performance and prudence. It can be so difficult for patients to enter the healthcare system when they need care. Scheduling appointments, follow-ups and fostering engagement have always been a struggle in traditional healthcare – both for patients and providers.


Still, using this social media platform for designing chatbots is both a blessing and a curse. We can write our own queries, but the chatbot will not help us. This means that the input field is only used to collect feedback. In reality, the whole chatbot only uses pre-defined buttons for interacting with its users.

  • Right from the start, program your bot to be polite and empathetic.
  • By saying ‘replicate human’s speech’ we mean using short simple sentences, contractions (can’t vs cannot, won’t vs will not), introducing a bit of slang and humor, where possible.
  • Even if you type in the same sentence repeatedly, Lark will respond with a different answer.
  • Will technology propel us towards theultimate human experience?
  • All you have to do is select an option and continue to the next step.

Be sure to design a system whose vocabulary and tone resonates target audience. Use this WhatsApp bot template to understand your customers’ satisfaction with your business, product, or service. Users seemed to have difficulty with anything a bit more complex. A comScore study showed that 80% of mobile time is dedicated to the user’s top three apps. Hence, it’s much easier and more effective to reach customers on channels they already use than trying to get them to a new one.

Many businesses have already recognized the need to adjust to customer needs and have started adding some conversational elements to their websites. Meanwhile, a conversational design allows a website to communicate with the user as a human would. For this reason, it is essential to create an interactive and frictionless online shopping experience.

conversation interface

The users should know about the bot’s capabilities and incapabilities. Like when a user starts to interact with the bot, he might not know what to do with this. If it is a voice assistant, it must inform the user like Hey, I am XYZ. Or, I could help you with providing the details of our products and it’s availability. One aspect that sets a fundamental difference between ordinary bots and top chatbots like Lark is its varied responses to the same topic.

Demos and Documentation

As for the future of voice assistants, the global interest is also expected to rise. Plus, the awareness of voice technologies is growing, as is the number of people who would choose a voice over the old ways of communicating. No matter what industry the bot or voice assistant is implemented in, most likely, businesses would rather avoid delayed responses from sales or customer service. It also eliminates the need to have around-the-clock operators for certain tasks.

If you’ve ever wished that you could just talk to it and have it understand what you say, then you’re in luck. Use this WhatsApp chatbot to create a conversational FAQ and store directory. Share details about your opening hours, return policy, and general info or ask for feedback. Use this WhatsApp bot template to create a sophisticated customer support system. It can automate internal company processes such as employee satisfaction surveys, document processing, recruitment, and even onboarding. Chatbots are fun, and using them as a marketing stunt to entertain your customers or promote a new product is a great way to stand out.

Boost your customer engagement with a WhatsApp chatbot!

Build the interface keeping in mind what your customers want, not based on your individual fancies or what competitors are doing. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box, but only if you think it will help your customers. For instance, providing customers with an auto sign-in or sign-up option is great, but ensure that their privacy is maintained. A CUI is a two-way street and has to be built to learn and also be fluid. It needs to be engaging like human conversations, be intuitive, and understand what the user is trying to communicate. Joshua, a thinking machine built by an eccentric professor, pushed humanity to the brink of nuclear annihilation.

conversation interface

It can process the structure of natural human language and handle complex requests. A Conversational User Interface is an interface that enables computers to interact with people using voice or text, and mimics real-life human communication. With the help of Natural-Language Understanding , the technology can recognize and analyze conversational patterns to interpret human speech.

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Most short-term, casual, and social interactions are displayed using a chat bubble. Different conversation UI styles should be determined based on many criteria, and a seemingly simple visual change can affect how messages are grouped , searched, and so much more. When customers get what they conversation interface are looking for and feel a brand cares about them, their satisfaction and trust increase. Meaningful interaction and better user engagement speed up the purchasing process and maintain a personal touch. A user-friendly conversational flow is more pleasant and more engaging for a user.

Unfortunately, actually getting the task done with today’s software requires navigating a hodgepodge of solutions on disparate screens and sites. Even if you provide a great product and experience for your customers, there is always room for improvement. Technology can be a reliable tool to map user experience and quickly analyze satisfaction levels. Collect feedback and conduct quick surveys with bots without leaving your customers feeling overwhelmed.

Conversational User Interfaces enable direct, human-like engagement with computers. It completely transforms the way we interact with systems and applications. The future of enterprise software won’t be about complicated dashboards and mind-numbing amounts of big data; it will be about well-designed interfaces that make work a pleasure. Software should be like a good friend—ask and ye shall receive.


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