How to become a modern Node js developer?

If you want to improve your Node.js developer skills, become familiar with more complex git commands than “checkout” and “commit”. It’s unlikely you’re going to be using your personal computer for your web application. Being comfortable with a cloud platform is one of the most useful Node.js developer skills that will help you to succeed. It may sound obvious, but one of the most important Node.js developer skills you need to know to be successful is Node.js. It’s helpful to not just understand how to use the web application framework, but how it works, too.

Node.js Developer skills

Sometimes referred to as just ‘Node’, this runtime environment promotes speedy and scalable software development. It also uses JavaScript, the lingua franca of the World Wide Web to power its broad features. It’s no surprise why so many companies are doing their best to scout for top-tier Node.js developer skills. Being able to use one or more web application frameworks is one of the essential Node.js developer skills.


Unless the DB integration and handling is managed properly, it can become a huge problem since data storage, modifications, and even creations are done through these platforms. This article will dive into details on the Node.Js developer skills you should be looking for hiring your next Node.Js developer. Several companies are changing themselves differently, but mainly via the adoption of new technologies, out of which NodeJS has become the most popular. This breadth of knowledge is not a big barrier for front-end developers, who wish to migrate from browser work to the server. Provides the option of non-blocking I/O systems which helps developers to process several requests concurrently.

Average Node.js developer salaries as of August 2020.Throughout your career, from junior to senior, your salary may jump by up to $30k/year. Employers are willing to pay top dollar for developers with decades of experience, and you can always expect your salary to increase as you spend more years practicing your skills of choice. This salary is a little higher than similar development jobs in the industry, and it’s a lot higher than popular positions oversaturated with job seekers like PHP developers or WordPress developers. Even if you’re not a huge fan of source control, you’ll use it in professional teams, and across every web application you work on. Learn more complex git commands than “commit” and “checkout” to improve your Node.js development skills. This course provides a deep dive into Node core HTTP clients and servers, web servers, RESTful services and web security essentials.

Middle JavaScript Developer | Angular

It just goes to show how quickly the popularity of Node.js has shot up. JavaScript | React, Redux | Address Book – Implement missing features of a small React web application built on top of Redux. JavaScript | Node.JS | File system – Use NodeJS to read/write files in sync and async way, list directories recursively. TypeScript | React Hooks | Movies State Management – Complete movies management application using React Hooks by implementing state management to existing views. Node.JS | Rest API | News backend service – Implement a news backend service created in Node.JS with Vanilla JS including writing authorization and Rest APIs. Each test should explicitly check one variable (unless it’s E2E which tests, as the name suggests, is end-to-end).

Node.js Developer skills

It consistently ranks in the top 10 of the TIOBE Index, so it’s a good choice if you want to pick a language with job prospects. This popular JavaScript tool has been around for decades, but the demand for people who can master it is still going strong. Try refine to rapidly build your next CRUD project, whether it’s an admin panel, dashboard, internal tool or storefront. Candidates can purchase, schedule, and sit for each exam separately, and receive an independent and verifiable certification based upon the exams they pass. Security on the web has always been a big deal, but with all the breaches and issues recently it is positively a necessity now.

If you need a professional Node JS developer or a devoted team, you can get in touch with Yojji team right now and share your product ideas. As a rule, the parties do not sign any agreements, therefore, they have no guarantee that the project will be launched on time or completed at all. There are three typical options for hiring a specialist for your project – let’s dwell a bit on them. Node.js is faster than other JavaScript languages and is more agile and versatile than many options.

NodeJS is a server-side programming language using which one can customize the responses according to the request presented by a customer on the website or web application. For example, let’s say that someone has clicked on a dropdown option that will display a certain popup. There Middle Node.js developer job are many advantages of using NodeJS, a developer will be able to build an API that will get invoked as soon as the request is sent to the server. NodeJS has changed the technological world, by allowing businesses to automate their operations and build a non-blocking architecture.

Key Responsibilities And Skills Of A Node JS Engineer

The duration of your project raises the choice between various engagement models, e.g., freelancers or dedicated developers. Altogether, due to the popularity of Node.js, finding a developer with all the needed skills is, happily, an achievable task, that requires meticulous consideration and analysis of various factors. The first step in hiring a Node.js developer is understanding the job requirements. Before starting the hiring process, it is important to have a clear understanding of the specific skills needed for the job. This includes understanding the technologies and frameworks that are required for the project, such as Express.js, MongoDB, and React.

Node.js vs TypeScript – The New Stack

Node.js vs TypeScript.

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But one of the most influential and popular frameworks of JavaScript is NodeJS. According to a stack overflow developer survey, the popularity of NodeJS is gradually increasing, and it’s not a big surprise. It is the flexibility and ease of JavaScript that makes NodeJS an excellent framework for frontend development. Their active participation and contributions to the Node.js projects are evidence that they have a solid understanding of Node.js internals. This also shows that they are great team players who are passionate about custom software and web application development.

Top 8 Skills To Look When You Hire Remote Node.js Developer In 2020

With a major focus on Node.js services and security, this content is an essential counterpart to the Node.js Application Development course, and will prepare you for the OpenJS Node.js Services Developer exam. Ryan Lewis is a Software Engineer who specializes in ambitious single page web applications. He started building websites over 15 years ago to promote his bands and record label.

The course also claims that candidates will learn about package management, module dependencies, event-driven concurrency strategies, and how to write code to interface with the operating systems on servers. You will also discover the modern JavaScript features that you can use with Node.js today. Database management is an important skill set, especially if you are interested in developing business applications that comprise a numerous amount of data. Handing several databases as well as integrating multiple data sources at once is a must-have skill in a Node.js developer Also, check are they capable enough to maintain database security?. Now you have all the essential information that helps you make the best choice while employing Node.js web engineers. Also, it’s necessary to estimate what amount of money you are ready to spend on your project development, and with that in mind, choose a proper Node.js programmer.

Node.js Developer skills

Vervoe skills assessments test a range of skills in one engaging, user-friendly flow. Unlock the hidden potential of candidates and remove unnecessary offline stages from your hiring process. Increase productivity and make decisions confidently with complete transparency around candidate scoring with data-rich profiles that make it simple to compare top performers.

Make sure the web developer you’re hiring knows his stuff when it comes to security. As an open-source platform, Node.js has been improved by various contributors since its creation in 2009. Its library consists of a wide variety of Node.js frameworks, IDEs, and tools. When hiring Node.js developers, a recruiting firm in the Philippines or IT headhunters should know the skill sets to look for. Package system Node.js and npm – the largest ecosystem of open source libraries of any programming language. And, like all developers, they need to remain up-to-date on all the software involved in their projects.

The largest gap between the proportion of Node.js developers required by organizations and the number of developers with the relevant technical skills exists in Node.js. Average salary a Javascript developer makes.Averaged salary is $89k/year, compared to the Node.js average salary of $106k/year. As you can see, it’s a lot better to specialize if you want to earn more money. A niche skill set is harder to develop, but it can take you a lot further than learning a single programming language. JavaScript has long been a versatile programming language, hence why it’s one of the most popular, if not the most popular, languages in the world. While it’s known for its ability to create advanced client-side scripts, you can also use it to create backend applications on the server-side with the right tools.

  • #3 Node Package Manager – Node.js comprises such pre-built libraries featuring their own code to create various functions.
  • Popularity fell somewhat in 2021, but it remained the sixth-most popular technology, and job searches for Node.js grew by 57%.
  • The biggest major benefit of utilizing Node.js is how simple and quick it can be to learn.
  • Knowing how to use front-end languages such as the Client-Side Java language, HTML, and CSS will make switching between them much smoother.
  • Add your logo and corporate colours along with personalised intro videos and introduction notes for candidates.

While package.json explicitly lists all dependencies which we directly use, package-lock.json includes the entire tree of dependencies. Versions of all packages are explicitly listed and, when the application is built on a build machine, those exact versions would be taken into account. Because if we get an error on a build machine, we need to know the exact versions in order to reproduce the error on local machines.

Junior Frontend Developer

An accomplished Node.js developer will be someone who can offer a stable, fast, and secure exchange of data. Using Vervoe, Node.js developers can be tested for a wide range of technical skills required for the role. They must be able to write server-side JavaScript code that is efficient and scalable. Additionally, they must be able to work with various web applications and web servers. Node.js developers also need to have a good understanding of network programming and networking protocols and should be well-versed in data structures and algorithms.


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